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Launched in March 2017, Refresh Books is proud to introduce ‘Listen…Think…Write!’ to the music education world.


Frustrated with creating worksheets, and horrified at the amount of photocopying and paper being used by her students, elementary music teacher Helen Van Spronsen developed a laminated booklet of worksheets that could be used by all students in her school.


Students loved ‘playing’ in the booklets with whiteboard markers. Much time was saved in preparation, and Helen didn’t avoid music writing time due to the ‘hassles’ (not enough copies for that class today, forgetting to punch the holes, broken pencils, not enough pencils, not enough erasers, wrong coloured pencil crayons, no sharpeners, kids poking holes through the paper with too-sharp pencils…if you are a teacher, you can add to this list).


Helen used the booklets at workshops for the Kodály Society of Canada, the British Columbia Kodály Society, and at the University of Victoria Summer Kodály Institute where she taught Level 1 Kodály Pedagogy.  Both pre- and in-service music teaching participants were enthusiastic about the multiple uses of the booklet and encouraged her to take it to the next level.


So here we are!


And no, Helen is not planning on giving up her day job just yet.


What would life be without kids to sing and play music games with?


A Dry Erase Book for Young Musicians

No more paper worksheets – this book is all you will need!

“Refresh Books are a godsend! I plan to use them for teaching on-line this summer and will suggest your materials to all of my course participants. In addition, while leading schools in curriculum development, I’ll propose they adopt your dry-erase materials for the entire district – this is the fastest (and most fun) way to have students think and write musically.”

Georgia A Newlin, Past President OAKE, author 'One Accord: Developing Part-Singing Skills in School Age Musicians'

“Musical dictation examples can be attractively and easily notated, corrected, observed, photographed, erased and re-used.”


Connie Foss More, Kodály “pioneer” in USA and Canada, Past-President, Kodály Society of Canada

​“Bravo!  This is a must-have pedagogical tool for every music classroom.

This develops the much-needed skill of music literacy to complete a well-rounded music education!”

Dr. Adam Jonathan Con, Professor of Music Education, University of Victoria

​“This workbook offers at every level everything you need to develop a child’s musical dictation and composition skills – grade 1 – 6.

There are templates for all common meters and bar lengths.  There are also 1, 2, 3 and 5 line staves for developing melodic dictation skills.

A classroom set of these books will save thousands of pieces of paper!”

Kelly Foster Griffin, NBCT, Past President of the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE)

“Beginner, intermediate & advanced students can be accommodated with the same booklet, meaning that a single class set might serve an entire school. 

Dictation of both rhythm and melody is now FUNdaMENTAL!”


Connie Foss More, Kodály “pioneer” in USA and Canada, Past-President, Kodály Society of Canada

​“Well done!  This is great!  What a wonderful way for children to grasp musical literacy in a progressive and systematic approach!

A must for every music classroom!”

Elise Bradley, Artistic Director, Toronto Children’s Chorus

​“Every music teacher appreciates attractive, durable, re-usable materials that help stimulate their students’ best efforts.  

This multi-level booklet solves so many problems!”

Connie Foss More, Kodály “pioneer” in USA and Canada, Past-President, Kodály Society of Canada

“…what a FABULOUS idea!  This is soooo needed!  *Awards ‘Very Well Done!’ sticker*”

Cyrilla Rowsell, Co-Author, ‘Jolly Music – The Music Handbook; Teaching Music Skills to Children Through Singing’

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